Hi hi everyone, before I start blogging, I wanted to ask if anyone heard of Pharmaton? I guess most of you are same like me, heard of Pharmaton but never really know what it is. I was invited to join Pharmaton Hi-Tea Party @Switch , Menara HP and I had totally no idea what pharmaton is until that day..

The theme of the party is Orange! 
I rarely have orange in my closet but thank god I found an orange blazer which I don't remember where did I get it from :/

Pharmaton decorated the whole cafe into Orange and Blue and each tables are nicely decorated..
Each of us gets a note book with a note writed Stress is Desserts spell backwards :D

with baby Ash, Yang Bao Bei and Ken Ken ( Yang Bao Bei bf )

The first session was introducing Pharmaton to all bloggers! Apparently most of us heard about Pharmaton cuz Pharmaton existed since decades but not all of us know what is was. Pharmaton is actually a multivitamin and mineral supplement brand developed to enhance physical and mental well-being :D

We usually face 2 types of stress everyday, positive stress and negative stress and Postive stress can motivate to achieve our goal. Apparently the stress we go through during exams are actually positive stress. How I wish I know Pharmaton when I was still studying cuz Pharmaton has all the essentials needed to help stay energized during the stress / exam season. It improves concentration, alertness and memory retention and also improves physical and mental performance. Which also helps combats the symptoms of stress and tiredness to help the body to adapt in stress situations.
Pharmaton® is an All-in-One health supplement containing the essential vitamins, minerals
with the Standardized Ginseng Extract G115® for Health and Vitality.

We had our first game which was the memory game! Where we were divided to 3 groups of 5 and we have to complete the matching pictures on the board. Our team got number two thooo.. I admit I am really bad in memorizing things.
Yey! Got our certicicate of completion hehehe.

After that, it's food timeeeeee..
Ommm nommm nommm

looking at these pictures makes me drool ….

Mini patty is love!

Next was the mini treasure hunt.. where they hide cards that represents each bloggers and each bloggers will get a special “treasure” that was specially hand picked by Pharmaton.

Guess what...
My card was acutlaly that Gwiyomi girl. HAHAAHAHAHAH and I did the whole gwiyomi thing infront of everyone *awkward *

Anyway, Pharmaton is so awesome cuz they actually know all bloggers... and they got me this..
Ciate nail polish!!!!!!!!!! I went all bimbo after seeing what I got lolll. Also, Pharmaton for everyone.

After the game, we took group photos and it was a wrap!!!

I started taking Pharmaton after that day, I will definitely blog about it soon (with giveaways!) So stay tuned!!!

Lastly, Thank you so much Pharmaton for the invitation and the hand picked gift!!!!

More info about Pharmaton go to : www.pharmaton.com