Before I continue blogging about Japan, I'm gonna update you with my Macau trip! Macau from Dong Guan is less than 2 hours journey, so papa Lau decided to bring us there for 2 nights o chill cuz Dong Guan is a lil bit boring...

We didn't really did much in Macau, it was raining and we couldn't get out from our hotel SO I DIDN'T MAKE IT TO DAI SAN BA again after 2 Macau trips :X Don't even dare to say we've been to Macau lolll. We stayed in Holiday Inn Sands Cotai this time, love how the food court food in Sands is quite good. We had most our meals there as it's cheaper comparing to restaurants.

Sissy love.

We had this Pan One Beef thing which taste exactly like Pepper Lunch. 


Random selca...

 Just trying to see whether I'll blend into the flowers lolll.


The highlight of this whole Macau trip goes to the House of Dancing Water @ City Of Dreams! Thanks to Maki Lau (my brother) for the tickets!!! Isn't cheap thou but it's all worth it. I am so amazed with the performers, so many surprises and excitements. I was saying omg through the whole show. Amazingggg.You guys should go watch if you have chance to visit Macau.

This part is where they were swinging about 315 degree and jump off into the water. Crazyyy. 
I was so scare if things go wrong they'll just fly into the crowd... too much final destination..

Yeap. They jumped.

Look closely... they were building something..

One of the best scene...... shit just got real..

Overall we had a great time in Macau, hopefully we'll visit there again soon ~ AND EAT ZHU PA PAO.

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