Not sure whether you realize or not, I love wearing tee shirts. I always think that tee shirts are the best cuz it could be styled in many ways and it's really comfy to wear when it comes to our tropical weather. Some of you might be wondering that tee shirts are too casual, but don't you know that you can always be fashionably-casual instead of casual-casual.

One of my fav tee-shirt look is pairing it up with a flared skirt. Black flared is the most basic one cuz you can pair it with any color. I personally think it's a must have item so go get one if you haven! So instead of being casual-casual, the shoes is one of the key point that decided your look. You can look really swag with a cool kicks or make it look more feminine by putting on a girly shoes.

Joyrich Men Sunflower Tee  // Topshop Flared Skirt // Balenciaga City Bag

Did I mention that my latest obsession is white pointed heels? 

I've bought 3 pairs of them from Dong Guan and I'm really sorry that they don't really have a name/brand so I don't know how where you can get it here in Malaysia. BUT the point is, WHITE POINTED SHOES / HEELS is my latest fashion key item! Slimmer legs effect with the pointed head.

Okay, that's it for today's fashion post!Hope you enjoy~

PS:// Gonna continue editing my tokyo trip pics!