Whats wrong with me!?!?! Recently I've been staring at the screen for hours wanted to blog then I was so not in the mood. I really need the old me back that blogs about every single dut. My blog is like going through a down peak momento, I NEED TO BE MORE MOTIVATED. I don't know is it because of Instagram, that I update almost everything, I found out that my blog is like the extended version for that lolll. AHHHH, I need to update more here! Felt super super super guilty and sorry for the lack of updates :(

Anyway, I couldn't forget the amazing-ness of Jay Chou on his Opus concert last week. I can't say I'm a super big fan but I do love his music, especially the sentimental ones. I bet everyone listens to his music! I remember I had his super old album (I think it was the one released in 2004, not sure about it but it was really good). Speaking of super fan, DAPHNE IS ONE CRAZY FAN. I think she died over and over again when Jay sings.

Ashley was so last minute, she manage to buy a good seat right before the concert. Too bad she didn't get to sit with us, but she did enjoyed the show. Both of them cried. I felt so heartless suddenly cuz I didn't cry at all...... Such a cold blooded kid... The songs are touching, it's just that it's hard to make me cry loll.


Look at all the glowing sticks behind us. Ignore me,I'm just there trying the new Ju-on pose.

I'm not sure how many times Daphne died seeing him, but I know she died again looking at the pictures.

We look like sailor moon kan. I can totally rock this star thing on this year's halloween. hahahaha wtf

Btw, me and Ashley actually went to karaoke yesterday and the first 2 hours was all Jay's songs. IT WAS SO AWESOME ( as in singing his songs is awesome not our voice loll we totally ruined his songs.)

Okay I am gonna take more pictures tomorrow so I CAN BLOG MORE!! Blogger mode back on.