I am label as a cold blooded person around my friends. Cold blooded as in emotionless, not talking about slashing innocent animals or killing people lolll. Just that I don't really show my emotion, I'm prolly like Kristen Steward type of emotionless person. My friends can't really tell whether I'm angry or sad, I don't think they seen me cry at all. If you expect me to show you a super happy expression after giving me a surprise, it's not gonna happen. I mean it's hard not because I don't appreciate, it's just that my face doesn't show. Sometimes I do try hard to look more expressive... after that I feel really awkward.

I thought that I'm weird, apparently it's a sign of being a Virgo. I'm sorta relieve lollll. (well it stated in this article http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/zodiac-signs/virgo.htm not sure it applies to every virgo out there but it applies to me hahaha.)

I do think that it's because I do a lot of thinking before making an action, which delayed my first feelings towards something. Which also explains why I don't really talk much with people I just know, usually I'll sit and listen to them, analyze what people they are and what type of "language" they speak. After a few meetings, I will start to do more talking, bringing topics that we will share interest with. Which I think it's a good thing cuz I don't like making offense or saying something stupid enough that will make things awkward. But it depends, sometimes you just can't speak their language, it's life ~ That's why you will see different circles of people around you.

I love being a listener actually, I love absorbing knowledge from people so I could add it in my "book of life" hahaha. Well you will never know if the one you're listening to could be your life savior. I always kept that in mind. Not because I don't stand in my own statement it's just that every words came out from someone has a reason. There's so many possibilities in life, you can't tell that you're right in everything.

So many things that I hated about myself, but I realize that I do love myself more than I thought.
Am feeling greatful for being me :) And I hope you're feeling the same to yourself too.

btw, I really miss tokyo :(