My September ended so well, or should I say I had the best September ever! Other than celebrating my 21st birthday, it was also birthday bash last week! If you didn't know, birthday bash @ Taylor's Lakeside University was presented by Ford, in conjuction with the launch of the New Ford Fiesta.

Hope you didn't forget that I was also playing a huge role that night! I'm the #Fashionista agent for the whole My Fiesta Movement project :D It's one of the best thing I ever had/did in 2013, collaborationg with Ford is a huge huge huge thing!!! Unfortunately, there's a miscommunication at my side and I can't believe I actually missed the media launch that night :/ Deeply felt sorry and sad that I didn't make it for the launch but just in time for the party.

( wearing one of my fav Lacoste Live polo dress!)

Anyway, going back to Taylor's this time was different..... MY FACE WAS THERE HAGGING OUTSIDE BLOCK E!!! I used to dream to become a commercial model or something but this is even better, felt so awesome to be recognized by being myself. As a fashionista, my dad should be really proud of me cuz fashion to our family is a big big thing. ( Daddy's working in this whole fashion industrial for years, way before I was born ) 

I am one lucky girl.

Passed the food hall area, spotted myself again...

One of the best birthday gift I ever had.

The crowd that night was crazy, I never imagined Taylor's could be such a nice venue to party. 

Look at the crowd!!!

Me at the VIP area :P

Last but not least, thank you to those who came that night and also tagging me pictures on instagram! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

Don’t forget to check out Ford’s Facebook page here !