Before I actually started my life as a blogger, other than modelling, there's this part of me actually thought of becoming an air stewardess. Imagine traveling the world, getting good pay, it's one of the best job you can ever imagine.

Of course, you can't just be a part of the cabin crew, there's a lot of interviews, trials, etc to go through. BUT it's not that hard as it sounds like, you don't have to be super pretty or super tall, sometimes is about your personality. I do heard cases about pretty girls who wasn't qualified, it's really about the personality I can say.

Lucky me, I get to become an Air Stewardess for a day all thanks to Edufly. A few of us bloggers were invited to experience A Day in a life of a Cabin Crew. We get to learn how to groom ourselves. Apparently every airline has different style/way of grooming, and they look for different type of girls, some airline love wild look and some prefers elegant lady look, so it depends, you can really get tons of “secrets” from Edufly.

Make up is really important!

Shirley is doing Ashley's make up. Shirley is currently part of MAS Airline's cabin crew for years!!!

Shirley doing my hair! Never ever judge any air stewardess hair, it takes a lot of practice to achieve the tidy and clean look.

Welcome on board.

I am truly amazed by Edufly's built-in Air Plane model that looks exactly like you're in a plane. Everything is fully equipped. We get to learn about the in-flight safety demo, it's quite important to show the passenger the right way of using it.

There's no one there but there's butterflies in my tummy..

Coffee, tea, or me sir? Lolollll just kidding.
 From what I learnt is you have to smile no matter what.


It was a really great experience with Edufly.

FYI, EduFly is the only Cabin Crew Academy in Malaysia that provides a full- pledged training course that answers all your worries. Edufly's program package focuses not only on the safety regulatory skills, but also on the communication skills essential for the airline industry. Also, Edufly provide 100% Course Fee Guaranteed Refund!!!

Ever dream of becoming a part of cabin crew? Now stand a chance to win free One-Day-Journey, as Edufly bring you into A Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew!

Here's how :

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