I can't help to admit that the Levi's® Revel jeans has become my fav jeans ever. I've been wearing it at least twice a week since the day I got mine. You prolly think that I'm over hard selling the jeans but I'm telling the truth! You should really try it on and feel the jeans yourself and you know that I'm not kidding.

Levi's® Revel roadshow is touring nationwide so go on and feel free to try on some jeans! I was there on the 5th at Sunway Pyramid to check out the roadshow and also met a lot of readers!

The Revel jeans really make my legs look longer.

The Revel line of Levi’s® jeans use Liquid Shaping Technology, contoured finishing, elongated seams and four-way stretch memory fabric to shape, lift and lengthen silhouettes so that a woman’s best assets are accentuated. 

The Revel jeans lining are specially designed to make our hips look smaller.

You might be wondering what is this! It's a special 360° Photobooth where you get to have a special video taken showcasing how you look in Revel jeans from all angles!!!! All you have to do is try on the Revel jeans and hop into the photobooth, for free!

My lovely readers ~

My Black team VS Red team by Red Mummy!

FYI, the Levi's® Revel in Revel contest is on and the prizes are really awesome!! You'll stand a chance to win a trip to Tokyo, Seoul, Bali or other great prizes with your friends!! go register yourself and create your own Levi's® Revel model & score as many points as possible!

Tips : earn points by uploading your 360° video!

The Revel Roadshow is still on the run, if you missed the previous one, do mark your calendars!

More about Levi's® Revel, go to: http://bit.ly/MYLevisRevel

Follow Levi's® facebook [www.facebook.com/Levis] and twitter [@levisMY] too!