Out of so many flowers, I am The Loyal Sunflower. I think it's quite accurate cuz I think I am a peaceful person, even had a “peace” tattoo on me lol. To be honest, I don't like dramas or things that cause issues so I am very aware with every actions I take. Maybe it's a Virgo thing too. I tend to think a lot before making any decisions, I think about me, I think about people that involve with, is it worth taking that step?

It's so true that I'm a total optimistic person. I believe that having a positive mind is the key of happiness, also staying positive brings luck! Well, at least it works for me! I'm quite happy with me being a Sunflower although I thought I would be the romantic rose *ahem* lollll

So what flower are YOU! Be sure to find out here !!

Also, the Sunflower somehow reminds me a facebook status I shared :

“If one day you wake up feeling like it's the end of the world, tell yourself that it's lucky that you get to wake up and fight for it ”

Speaking about Libresse, they recently collaborated with a few local talented female designers to design limited edition tin cases that come with a pack of Libresse PureFresh or unscented pantyliners. Which I think it's really really cool cuz Libresse is supporting and recognizing the work of our local female designers.

There was one point in my life when I was kinda into designing, therefore I really admire the work of these artists that can come up with personalities that can be linked to each flower. Also, I find the design on the tins inspiring as it really reflects very very feminine image. 

The best thing is, I love collecting tin cases to keep stuff like accessories or stickers or anything that can fit inside the box loll. I bet there's a lot of girls like me who love to collect tin cases, I got like tons of unique biscuit tin cases but it's hard to find pretty ones like these!

Can't wait to get them in stores!!

Don't forget to tell me what's your inner flower :P