Today is going to be a skincare vlog featuring Me, Nana and Ashley and we are competing our fav moisturizer so guess who won?


It's really important to keep your skin moisturized so finding the right moisturizer is a must!

I've been using Olay Aquaction since January this year and I'm really satisfied with it! Comparing it with other big brands, I personally think Olay Aquation can actually beat some of the brands. Good moisturizing effect and the price is affordable too!

I've been using everyday and it's going to finish soon! One plus point about Olay Aquaction is it has hydralock technology where it's water-bonding formula continuously provides moisture, and keeps skin hydrated all-day long. I can ensure that your skin will be bouncy all day and it's really important to keep your skin moisturized under this hectic weather we have in Malaysia.

Check out the Olay Aquaction range:
Personally love the Olay Aquaction Nourishing Emulsion and Sleeping Mask! (Have tried the others yet but I think it's good too) Soft & Bouncy skin effect after using both products!

So if you're surveying about moisturizer, do check out Olay Aquaction series! You'll love it :D