My everyday make up is actually pretty simple, very light and natural. I don't like applying a lotsa stuff on my face (tho it's already a lot of stuff there) and I always think that I wanna least diff after I remove my make up lololl. Well, this is not a very proper make up tutorial but this is really how I do my make up everyday.

To be honest, I was planning to dub on my make up tutorial videos but I think my voice sorta ruined it so lets stick it the way like this lolll. Hopefully you get what I'm doing and I'll try my best to improve my video filming & editing skills. Hehe! More videos to come soon!

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Products :

Jill Stuart Lasting Tint Control Base (01 Fresh)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Custard)
Jill Stuart CC Cream
Marc Jacobs Gel Foundation (Beige Light)
Cyber Colors Eyebrow Pen 05 Dark Brown
NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow (Nepal) & Duo Eyeshadow (Isolde)
Kate Mascara Base Gel (Black)
(Sorry I couldn't find the brand for the Mascara & Eyeliner,got it from japan)
NARS Blusher (Final Cut)
Laneige Water Drop Tint (Scarlet Red)