I'm not sure if I'll get more inspired to blog more after changing the layout, but lets just try. I mean I don't even know if people actually read my blog anymore, as you know you can already tell what's going on with my life through snapchat ( id: janechuck916 just incase you haven added me yet lol. ) I was thinking maybe I'll just put on those extra pictures taken on my blog, I just didn't want to be spammy on ig and I didn't want to waste them so yep, posting it here might be a solution.

Can you actually believe I've been blogging for almost 10 years by now. 10 freaking years. You, those who actually followed me from jugem/wu ming > blogger > instagram > snapchat , you guys are awesome. So sorry that I don't blog that often right now but trust me, I always remember your existence! Thank you for growing up with me and I hope you all are doing fine! * hugs hugs hugs *

Anyway, here's some random pictures taken at Someplace Beautiful. Did a lil tasting today with sifu Joey for his amazing softserves and teas. Opening tmrw at D7 Sentul beside Three Little Birds from 11am-7pm.

I love cats but I don't think I can actually own one...  

yep, that Trasher tee, gonna keep it for sometime lol.

Yes being twinnies with ashley.