Have you ever tried gourmet marshmallows?

If you have, then you should know that they are the best dessert one could ever have! I had my first gourmet marshmallows when I was on an overseas vacation. I can still remember the taste of Japanese matcha-flavoured marshmallows. Heavenly!

Who would expect that you can actually find the marshmallows here in Malaysia?! Thank you Carmen Cheong, for doing what you do! I can have those delicious gourmet marshmallows whenever I want to hahaha

Carmen Cheong is the mastermind behind the Fete Artisan Marshmallows business in Malaysia! You can read all about her here http://www.livelibresse.com.my/shineon/profile.php?profile=carmen#bwfw

Carmen calls this the “marshie culture” where virtually anything can be eaten with marshmallows, so true lollll. What I love most about these marshmallows is that they’re homemade and each marshmallow could be custom made! Doesn’t just looking at these bite-sized desserts makes you all warm and happy inside?

And you know what else makes me happy?


Omg look at those hipster looking packaging for Potong ice-cream! I need to get this for memories sake hahaha remember those times when the Potong ice-cream was a childhood snack? My mom used to buy us those cheap potong ice-cream and keep it at home so we can have it for dessert. But my sister and I would sneak one or two pieces from fridge because we couldn’t wait until after dinner lollll. Sharing this same ‘food passion’ with me is none other than Potong Artisan Pops pioneer,Tee Reei who started the idea to save the art of handmade ice-cream.

Shine On is a collaboration between Libresse and featured female entrepreneurs. It is an initiative to help female entrepreneurs like Carmen and Tee Reei gain exposure on these businesses. If you would like to know more, you can also read about other amazing female entrepreneurs at the Street Savvy section. Keen to find out more on the unique products?? Then head over to Gosh! That’s Great! Gallery! to view the products and information on the awesome person behind the product idea.

I personally think that women should not let our gender be an excuse to be weak. We as women are definitely capable in many things including in terms of starting our own business. Women who single-handedly open up a business are admirable on so many levels because they’re proof that we can be just as successful as men.

Women who think like a man are very inspiring. Which is why, never let words bring you down woman! You are strong, capable, and just as smart as men. All you have to do is believe in yourself and take the plunge. It’s cool that there’s a campaign that’s all out to support women. This is what the Libresse Shine On campaign is all about.

Some sections on the Shine-On website that you may find interesting:

Let’s Talk Shop where one can interact with the women in business to learn how they started their business and enquire about the products that offered by them

Let’s Get Down To Business is where you can find useful tools & links to start up your own business!

For example, if you need tips on how to start up your own online-store, you can find it under this segment!

Also, if you have your own business and unique story to share, you can be featured here too, at the Be Featured segment!

So interesting and useful for potential female entrepreneurs!!

Do spend a lil time to get inspired by these amazing women, or even become someone who inspires other women: CLICK HERE